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Satoshi's FIP FUND

Kate Morozova


16 Jun 2023

모금 행사에서 몇 마디

A month ago, our Sphynx kitten Satoshi Nakeymoto (named proudly after the one and only creator of Bitcoin), was diagnosed with the lethal illness no cat owner ever wishes to encounter - FIP.


On May 6th Satoshi woke up acting different. She had diarrhoea, threw up and was suddenly disinterested in her food. We immediately rushed to the vet. At first we thought it was a stomach bug, but by Sunday Satoshi was lethargic and losing weight. We had her on an intravenous drip, as well as glucose and antibiotics. She was positive for FCov, but she had no symptoms of FIP - her blood work was normal.


On Tuesday, we were sure we would lose her. By 10pm in the evening, after spending spending 4 hours in the clinic, we finally established she had FIP. Despite us having surpassed other symptoms due to our quick reaction to her decline, Satoshi’s abdomen filled with fluid. We were lucky our vet had access to the treatment and injected her with it right away.

We noticed changes as soon as the next morning, she could barely open her eyes the day before, and now she was awake and alert.


I don’t think I can fully recall the next 48 hours. We were force-feeding her, she was in and out of sleep, suddenly coming back to life then becoming extremely lethargic again.


After a couple of days Satoshi started gaining her strength back, slowly but surely.
We're on day 30 ofthe treatment and Satoshi is totally back to normal, she’s playing, running around, eating like crazy and has gained a lot of weight.


So far, we funded her treatment from ourselves, but for the remaining two months we need some help. We are extremely low on funds and struggling. We will be using CureFIP tablets as Satoshi has developed terrible sores from the injections. We're asking your help to save our girl.

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raised out of €1,000

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