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Zbiórka na leczenie Florka

Elżbieta Rzeźniczek


6 Sept 2023

모금 행사에서 몇 마디

This time we are asking for your support.

At the end of August, we heard the verdict from our vet. Thanks to wonderful people, the very next day we found another doctor who gave us hope. On the same day, thanks to a wonderful woman - Agnieszka, who contacted me immediately after my first post on one of the FIP groups, we administered the first dose of the drug and got, completely free, a few doses to start. Agnes, a wonderful woman ❤️

Then a few more wonderful "cat moms" spoke up, thanks to which I bought more doses.

In the meantime, the vet did the necessary tests, and after a few days we received an e-mail with the following content:

"Hello, I am sending the results of Florian's electrophoresis. For a cat with FIP disease, they are satisfactory, treatment implemented at a very good time."

We cannot stop therapy now, and unfortunately we know that without support we will not be able to bear this expense.

That's why we're asking for help. Each, even the smallest, payment gives Florek a chance to win against this nasty disease.

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raised out of €900

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