How to Easily Test for FIP in Cats?

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There are 2 forms of FIP infections, the WET form and the DRY form.  The wet form is more easily identifiable. You will see abdomen swelling as a result of fluids accumulation inside the chest and stomach regions.  It is relatively easy to test and confirm 'wet' form of FIP infection by withdrawing the fluid from the stomach and test for antibodies. A Rivalta test is a popular option amongst veterinarians. Cats with wet form are usually diagnosed and treated earlier than the dry form.  Consequently, the recovery rate of wet form is higher when FIP is treated with GS-441524 in a timely manner. In contrast, the dry form of FIP is difficult to detect or diagnose during early and mid stages of the infection.  The dry form does not display any outward symptoms until later stages of infection when the virus has reached the back of the eye causing blindness or the brain causing physical paralysis.  The onset of outwardly symptoms may be very sudden.  Owners reported to us that one day their cats simply collapsed while walking.  Because Dry form is difficult to detect and diagnose, FIP treatments usually begin much later compared to the wet form.  As a result, the survival rate is lower when compared with the wet form. To make an accurate and timely diagnose even more difficult, there is currently no definitive test for FIP. Doctors often based their assessment on a combination of tests such as antigen tests and blood tests. Early stages symptoms of Dry FIP are similar to other more common diseases. We have encountered dozens of cat owners who, after visiting doctors, received conflicting diagnosis.  

So how do you easily test for FIP in cats?

We have an easy solution. Purchase 1 vials of GS-441524 to conduct a treatment test.  Cats infected with FIP, when treated early, usually show clear and immediate signs of physical improvements, usually within the 2-3 days after the first injection. For the price of a couple of conventional tests, you can definitively confirm or eliminate the possibility of FIP infection.  It is a small price to pay to save your cat's life. Furthermore, GS-441524 is an antiviral treatment. It does not cause any known complications and can be administered along with other drugs.

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