Is Intravenous therapy recommended for FIP Treatment?

2020년 6월 25일 업데이트됨

Intravenous therapy is not recommended for effusive (Wet) FIP as long as your cat is still eat on its own.  Intravenous fluid increase fluid accumulation in the body and puts a heavier burden on the heart. Should your cat no longer eat and cannot be force fed, Intravenous therapy may be the only option to keep it nourished. In this case, the speed of fluid delivery must be slow, not exceed 15 drops per minute. It is recommended that the cat's owner accompany the cat to provide comfort and observation during the intravenous therapy.

If your cat no longer feeding on its own or it is no longer physically active, begin GS-441524 treatment immediately. While there is hope of saving your cat, it is diminishing by the day. Obtain GS-441524 by ordering from

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