GS-441524 concentration: 20mg/ml
B12 concentration: 50mcg/ml. 

Volume: 7ml


Specially formulated for:

  • Anemic adult cats
  • Provide additional support for immune system, nervous system, and digestive tract.


Administer the same daily dosage as non-B12 infused GS-441524.  We recommend using our B12 infused GS-441524 for the first 30 days of treatment or until anemia symptoms have abated.  Refer to our Dosage Calculator for the appropriate dosage for your cat.

GS-441524 + B12, 20mg/ml Concentration, 7ml vial

  • Chemical Formula:  C12 H13 N5 O4 
    Volume:  7ml per vial
    Quantity:  1 vials
    Purity:  ≥ 99.3% 
    pH: 1.9~2.2

    Formulation:  5% ethanol, 30% propylene glycol, 45% PEG 400, 20% water.


    Shelf Life:  3 years when stored at temperatures between 3-9º Celsius.

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