5ml vial contains ≥5ml of GS-441524 

7ml vial contains ≥7ml of GS-441524


Ideal for kitten and early adult cat weighing 2kg or less.   This pack will provide treatment between 40 - 85 days, depending on your cat's exact weight and the severity of FIP symptoms.  You should perform a blood testing upon completion of this treatment pack, and consult your doctor or us to learn if you need to continue the treatment. 


During the treatment, your cat's weigh will continually increase as it regains appetite and muscle mass.  Weigh your cat weekly and adjust the dosage according to its exact weigh.  For exact dosage for your cat, please visit to our dosage calculator.

6 vials Treatment Pack [17mg/ml]

  • Chemical Formula:  C12 H13 N5 O4 

    Concentration:  17mg/ml or 20mg/ml

    Volume:  5 or 7ml per vial

    Quantity:  6 vials

    Purity:  ≥ 99.3% 

    pH: 1.9~2.2

    Solution:  5% ethanol, 30% propylene glycol, 45% PEG 400, 20% water.

    Shelf Life:  ≥ 3 years when stored at temperatures between 3-9º Celsius.

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